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Pain Management, Orthopedics Surgeon, Spine Surgeon, Neuro Surgeon, Neurologist, Acupuncturist

Dr. He uses the most advanced but least invasive pain management techniques to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain. Appropriate and targeted treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis from Dr. He and her team (orthopedics surgeon, spine surgeon, neuro surgeon, neurologist, acupuncturist), followed by an action plan to suit the patient's needs.



Our goals are to relieve, reduce, or manage pain and improve a patient's overall quality of life through minimally invasive techniques specifically designed to diagnose and treat painful conditions. We strive to help patients return to their everyday activities quickly and without heavy reliance on medications.

Symptoms and Conditions

The feeling of physical pain can vary greatly – mild, sharp, severe, dull. Learn the symptoms for different types of pain, so you can describe them to a doctor.

Multiple Locations

For your convenience, we have six offices for you to choose from. Our main office is located in Maplewood. All offices have same phone number and fax number.

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